your pants primer

I picked up a ziplock bag full of vintage patterns while digging through the Habitat for Humanity Store on a weekend visit to Port Townsend a while back. It was stuffed full of gems from the 60’s and 70’s, so I happily paid $3 and brought it home. Yesterday as I was organizing my pattern stash, I pulled one of these beauties out to refold the tissue into a flatter, less wad-like shape and found another gem. A treasure within a treasure! A sweet score indeed.

The Simplicity Fashion News is a little magazine that was published monthly and distributed in retail pattern departments, according to the copyright info at the bottom of the second page. This particular issue was from May 1973, and I think you’ll agree that it is chock-full of eye candy.

I’ve taken the liberty of scanning in a few of my favorite pages for you to enjoy:

The cover

my favorite, by far!

Too bad the pattern that this was stuffed inside was no where near as exciting as that jumpsuit. That is some hot stuff!

Also included is a helpful “3-minute sewing lesson” that offers step-by-step instructions for finding your crotch depth and length to achieve that perfect figure-hugging silhouette. Evidently, your crotch shape is “nearly as individual as fingerprints…” Who knew?


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