manifest destiny

So in the spirit of energy-direction and destiny-manifestation and if-you-build-it-they-will-come idealization, I offer you a peep into my dreams:

I dream of a bright, clean, organized space. The walls are painted a nice fresh color, there are newly laid hardwood floors in a perfect not-too-light and not-too-dark shade. A plush area rug anchors a cozy corner where a sofa and armchairs flank a coffee table piled with sewing and design magazines. Low bookshelves nearby hold loads of inspiring books, more magazines, and decorative objects. A charming pendant lamp hangs overhead.

Behind this comfy corner, shelves of bright and beautiful fabrics wait patiently to be admired and touched by loving hands. Bolt after bolt, lined up cheerfully, begging to be transformed into something beautiful and useful. Rolls of ribbon, racks of thread, tools and patterns, sharp and shiny scissors. Everything a modern crafter and seamstress would ever need or want, stacked and labeled and organized under one beautiful roof.

There are classes and events. And lingering over cups of tea to talk about patterns and fit and fabric and trends. Mamas bring their kids, who find the perfect project to keep their active hands and minds busy during long summer days. Maybe there will be machines available to rent by the hour. Irons and boards and cutting stations so crafty magic can happen right there in the presence of others who share your interests and can offer guidance and tips.

In my mind, it is perfect and beautiful and feels like home. The floor is always swept and the register is always ringing and everyone who comes through the door finds just what they were looking for.

I already know that reality and dreams don’t always match. No need to remind me of that. Positive energy and thoughts, however, are more than welcome. And if you need me, I’ll be inventing.

via Maira Kalman via Girl’s Gone Child

4 thoughts on “manifest destiny”

  1. I love this Tiffany! You already know I share a similar dream, so hopefully we can be retail neighbors on 152nd and can share yummy lattes and crossiants at the bakery across the street! 😀


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