on laziness and toddlers

Hello! It’s been a while. I’ve missed you! Every day I think of something that I would like to share here in this space, and every day laziness wins out over productivity. Or, by the time I sit down at the computer after finally getting the crazy-town non-sleeping toddler asleep (in my bed, btw), my eyes glaze over and I realize that I don’t really have anything interesting to share after all. Better just get to bed myself! Anyway, all this to say that yes, I’m alive. Still sewing, still mama-ing, and mostly just loving every minute of it all.

The marker still hasn’t come all the way off, and this was four baths ago! Maybe we need washable ones?

Lincoln will be two in less than a month, and it’s (past) time to start planning a little party for him. Also- holy crap! How did this happen! Two??? He’s currently loving The Cat in the Hat, and has figured out how to work Daddy’s iPad to watch it on the PBS Kids app all by himself. I thought that a “Cat Hat” (as Lincoln says) themed party would be kind of fun, and then I found some cute little buckets in the dollar bin at Target that are the perfect size for little snacks or party favors or whatever, and they’ve got the Cat right on them, so it’s sealed. I figure some cupcakes with red, white, and blue frosting, and a bowl of fishy crackers and we’ve got it nailed. Right? He’s only two- he won’t really remember the details. Anyway, should be fun.

The little man is sure a fun kiddo to be around these days- he’s talking a lot and he’s such a sweetie most of the time. He’s pretty reserved and gentle, definitely an observer more than a barrel head-first into traffic kind of kid, which I appreciate. He says “bluss you” when you sneeze (or burp), and it just kills me when I hand him a cup of apple juice or a granola bar or whatever and he says “thank you, mama”. I taught him how to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star the other night, and I almost died he was so cute singing it to me. I took a really crappy video in the dark with my phone, and if I can figure out how to make it look a little better, or just upload the audio, I’ll share it here. Adorable.

He does weird things like taking off his socks in the car and putting them on his hands. Then falls asleep and falls victim to my camera.

He is also, as mentioned previously, almost two though, and he’s definitely entered into a new stage of independence and limit-testing. He says that he “needs” almost everything- “Lincoln needs milk”, and when I ask him to say “please” he just shakes his head and says no. If we don’t get him something quickly enough, a few quick little stomps are his favorite way to spur us into action. And just about everything in the house is “mines,” in the world according to Lincoln. My iPhone, Daddy’s computer, every book and toy in the house. All “MINES!”

We took the side off his crib once he learned to climb over to avoid any broken bones, and things haven’t been the same around here since! He all but refuses to sleep in his bed now but will happily take up the middle 65% of ours, arms and elbows growing out of every side of his little body to kick and poke us all night long. He will, however, happily “play sleep” just about anywhere, including on the kitchen floor under dirty dish towel blankets.

He knows all of his colors and the name of every vehicle that drives, floats, or flies. He can count to ten and says his ABC’s, minus a few of the less-important blocks of letters. He knows lots of animals, the names of his books, and “reads” along with his favorite parts. “Boom, Boom, Boom. Mr. Brown is a wonder” is one of his favorite parts from Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? He tells us “nice shirt” and “nice hair” all the time, which is just hilarious considering the clothing and bedhead that he tends to compliment. I guess we’re always looking our best to our biggest fan.

Lincoln loves to visit the Post Office with me, “where the mail trucks live,” and will point out a mail truck or a bus coming down the street from blocks away. He also loves the view of the airport from our deck, and will happily watch “big white airplanes” land and take off all day long. He loves to play in the back yard in the new “soft grass” that we put in, and is slowly learning that we mean it when we tell him not to pull it all out or sprinkle dirt all over it from the nearby vegetable beds. We haven’t had too much in the way of summer yet, but we did manage to enjoy a Push-Pop on a sunny day recently. It was a good day!

So anyway, all this to say that it’s been mostly fun things that are keeping me from hanging out in this space as much as I would like to be here. And that toddlerhood is pretty amazing and Lincoln is such a delight. Pretty happy to be this kid’s mama! And he’s awake now, and currently yelling at me from the kitchen that he “needs fishy crackers,” so I better move along. Before the stomping ensues.


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