Me-Made-May: week one recap

As I think I mentioned before, one of my goals for participating in Me Made May ’12 was to take a good look at my modest me-made wardrobe and get an idea of what I like, what works for my lifestyle, and try to make intelligent choices for planning my sewing time moving forward. I have lots of patterns and a growing stash of apparel fabrics, but I find that I’m drawn to pretty dress patterns and fabrics that may not be the best choice for my everyday. Love that frosting! Fortunately, I’m pretty slow to act, and I already tend to focus my actual sewing time on things that I think I will actually wear in real life, but I’m not always successful at creating items that I adore. Anyway, here’s what this week looked like:

For Tuesday, May 1, I selected an unblogged brown jersey Pina top that I made at the end of my pregnancy. I never blogged about it because when I made it it barely fit over my enormous girth, but I just HAD to sew something and I was planning to use it for a nursing top postpartum anyway. I actually wore it home from the hospital with Junie, but then I noticed after it came out of the wash that there were a couple places where the seam wasn’t closed due to my frantic and therefore crappy serging job. I threw it on the table in my sewing room to be tended to, and it just recently resurfaced. I fixed the holes and returned it to the closet where it could finally see the light of day.

This was my second go at the Pina, and this time I played around a bit with it. I have forty-million miles of pink stretch lace that I found at the thrift store, and I used that as a detail on the neckline instead of the fold-over and gather with narrow elastic treatment that the pattern calls for. I like it! It’s feminine and easy to wear, and obviously great for nursing, as that’s the whole idea. I also prefer the straight, non-elasticized sleeves on this top to the first version that I made, but I don’t love all the extra fabric in the front belly section. In planning this for post-partum, I should have eliminated some of the excess width so it doesn’t hang so unattractively and feel so frumpy. I didn’t feel super pulled-together on Tuesday, and that was partly due to the frumptastic feel of this top and the khaki capris that I don’t love. More to blame is the fact that I didn’t bother to shower though, and it was a typical crazy day around the old homestead wrangling the crazy, boundlessly energetic Lincoln and the occasionally wailing newborn. This is lazy mom gear for sure.

By May 2, I was already feeling inspired by all the action in the flickr group and decided to break out the recently completed Cowgirl Camp Counselor blouse. I haven’t worn it in real life yet, just for the photos I took during the Spring Top Sewalong. I’m still not entirely enamored with this blouse, and I can’t really pinpoint why. It’s comfortable, and I like the detailing and I’m particularly proud of my plaid-matching. I don’t really like the colors though- it’s much more muted than the shades I’m typically drawn to. I think that untucked, it’s more casual and more “me” but I honestly don’t think this is going to get a lot of wear. I do still have the pattern pieces out so I can attempt another in a different fabric, but I can’t decide if I think it’s worth the time.

On May 3, I woke up feeling a little under the weather with a scratchy throat and stuffy nose, and I knew the day was going to be a challenge anyway due to Lincoln’s early morning dentist appointment (his first). I almost skipped it (MMM, not the dentist), knowing that I had only pledged to participate at least three days and I still had time to spare, but at the last minute I decided to buck up and threw on a simple striped tee that I had made early in my pregnancy. Topped with a brown cardigan to combat the dreary rainy Seattle weather and paired with jeans and flats, this is pretty much a normal go-to outfit for me anyway. This top is basic and easy to sew, and I think it would be smart to stitch up a couple more like it in different colors. I haven’t though, because it’s just *so simple and basic* and I want to spend my sewing time trying new things and expanding my horizons. It’s another example of the battle between cake & frosting. My heart wants frosting, but my head knows that cake is a better use of my time. I think most of the time, I just go off the rails and end up making inedible banana bread anyway.

Having completed my goal for the week, I decided to go for extra credit on Friday. I broke out my Lisette Portfolio– yet another make that has been unworn and unloved since it’s completion. I think I like the idea of this top more than I like the actual garment on me. I like the fabric, I love the pockets, and I like that it feels a little bit mod thanks to the overall shape and the neckline. I do not like the way it makes me feel like such a rectangle when I’m wearing it though. I already have a rather unpronounced waistline, and since this has such a sack-like shape, it does nothing for that. I know I won’t make this pattern up again, and I don’t think I’ll likely wear this top much in the future, either.

So- week one is a wrap. I think I purposefully chose the items this week that I like the least, in a (mostly) subconscious effort to “get them over with” and move onto things that I feel more comfortable in. Unless I’m super productive this month, there will have to be some repeats though, and it will be interesting to see if I reach for any of these garments again. And as for the second part of my pledge to sew one new garment each week this month, I was only partially successful. I did make chevron Renfrew the second this week, but in it’s current state it will not be worn.

Conclusion: I’m calling week one only kind of a win. I pushed my boundaries, and technically met my goal, but it wasn’t a terribly satisfying week. I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing the MMM’12 flickr pool though, and keeping tabs on what everyone else is up to. I’ve been posting my photos there daily and will continue to do that along with a little wrap-up post each week here on the ol’ blog. Here’s to a more exciting week two! Are you playing along?


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