change of life

Hi friends! I was a little dismayed the other day when I visited my blog and saw that the last post was made over a year ago. Has it really been so long? It makes me sad to see that, and it also feels wrong to just abandon the place, so I’m here to say hello.

There’s big change brewing around these parts, and I want to share everything but I’m not ready right now. I’ve started/revived and have also posted there in a similarly vague manner. I may move some things around, may merge this all back together at some point, but right now, this is what feels right to me so I’m going with it.

If you’re still here after all this time (you’re not, are you?!?), I want to say thank you for your virtual friendship and your patience! I’ve been doing a reasonable job keeping up with you (in a sneaky lurker way), but I’m there. You all continue to inspire me and I’m excited to share something that I’ve made with you again someday. Soon!



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