New House Tour- Dining & Living Room

The house tour continues! I’m back to show you more of the upstairs, specifically the North-West quadrant/AKA the dining room and living room. For the most part, we’ve done very little to make our mark on any of these spaces, aside from moving furniture in, so prepare yourself to be underwhelmed!

This is the view from the kitchen looking out into the dining room, which is the area that has seen the most action so far. David stripped wallpaper in here a couple days before Thanksgiving, and painted the walls and trim. We still need to paint the trim around the window and around the doors, and also the doors themselves, to brighten them up from the dull creamy yellow to match the bright white trim that we prefer.


Here’s a pic from the listing so you can see the REAL before of this space:

Dining Room

And now that we’ve stripped it of all that sweet country charm:


Seeing these pics make me realize just how bland these spaces currently are! There’s hardly any art on the walls, and the beige paint and beige carpets and wood furniture are just so boring! We need to get some personality up in here soon! I’m thinking curtains on that window and a different rug under the table will help punch things up. Someday we would love to rip up that wall-to-wall carpet and lay down some hardwood floors, and there has been some talk of scraping the fancy glitter popcorn ceilings as well.

I’m torn about the future of this sweet built-in china cabinet. I love having the extra storage and I think it’s a great feature of the house. I don’t love the dark stained wood though, and I find it especially annoying when the trim is all painted white. I try to think of it like a piece of furniture so it doesn’t bug me as much, but a part of me wants to paint it or re-stain it or do something to it to make it more me. Another part of me thinks it would be terrible to “destroy” this original feature by doing anything to it though. I haven’t decided which part will win. Perhaps they can compromise and we’ll just swap out the hardware or something.


Past the dining room we have the upstairs living room area:


I love the big brick fireplace in this room (it’s a lot like the one we had in the last house which was beautiful and my favorite thing about that place) though it definitely could use some love. That gold screen, for one, must go! Perhaps Santa too, given that it’s almost February? We’ll see…


And just for fun, another listing shot of this space before-before:

Upstairs LR

The previous owners were kind enough to leave those lovely sheer curtains for us, but we were in the house for about 45 minutes before we ripped them down. They were not kind enough to leave us the kitty. Jerks.

This is the rather boring view of the other side of the room. Again, no art, no personality, and populated only by the couch that we very nearly left on the side of the road in Burien. It came along as a placeholder until we can afford to replace it, and unfortunately, it’s likely it will be sitting there in all that swirly red glory for a good long time! Those paint swatches have been there for over a month now, and we’re still uncommitted to either color. We’ve talked about just continuing the dining room shade in here, since it’s all just one big room, but that feels kind of boring. And so we do nothing!


This beauty is another gift from the former owners, and one that we were only too happy to accept, despite the fact that none of us play. I love listening to the kids bang on it (gently, of course), and hope that one or both of them will be amenable to lessons at some point in the future. A piano is something that we were unlikely to ever purchase, so it feels like such a special thing to have one without expending any effort. There’s even a selection of sheet music in the seat! It’s the lazy music lover’s dream come true.


And that, my friends, concludes this portion of the tour. This has definitely inspired me to add some life to these beige boxes we’ve got going on here! I’ve been telling myself that we just got here and everything will take some time (which is totally reasonable and true) but we’ve been here almost three full months now. It’s probably time to hang some art! Will be back to show you interesting updates should there be any, and will continue the tour of the rest of the place at some point. For posterity and stuff.

xoxo- t


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