Instant Bathroom Update

I LOVE to paint! I just think it’s so amazing what a difference a couple of quarts of paint can make to refresh a tired space. I’m here with a couple of photos of our bathroom to show you some of what we’ve been up to around here lately. And yes, many paintbrushes were involved.

The pic below is a listing photo of the main bathroom upstairs. As you can see, it wasn’t terribly offensive, but there was a whole lot of brown and wood and it was just generally a little dated and boring. Since a full remodel isn’t in the cards for us, we decided to just make a few tweaks to make it feel a little bit more like us.


I knew I wanted to lose the curtain on the window, but obviously privacy is still important in a ground-floor bathroom, so I applied a frosted film to the glass and painted the window casing and all the trim bright white. We removed ALL that wood and the cheap builder fixtures (faucet, TP holder, multiple towel bars, toilet seat, shower curtain rod, medicine cabinet) and replaced them with equally inexpensive but more attractive to us versions.

Bathroom Collage

While I would love to do something about that eighty mile long ugly laminate countertop, that’s a phase two (or three) project for another time. For now, just peeling off the matching laminate backsplash and painting the walls a refreshing spa-like pale green (Behr’s Bayberry Frost) has made a big difference for me and my ability to tolerate this room. When it comes to gold-veined laminate, less is absolutely more!


I found a faucet in the clearance section at Home Depot, and we swapped out the knobs on the cabinets with some complementary ones after we painted the drawer fronts and doors with a nice medium grey glossy paint (Behr’s Elephant Skin).

It’s nothing super fancy, but these small tweaks made over the course of a couple of weekends have made this room so much nicer for us. Someday, we would love to do something about the weird mustard-colored tub and add a second sink, but those things can wait. I’m just grateful that we don’t have to look at the wood toilet seat in the meantime!

I’m still on the lookout for a piece of art or something to go in the void where the medicine cabinet once hung. I was thinking of trying to DIY something like this planter from Uncommon Goods:

Succulent Wall Planter

Would that be totally weird hanging over your head in the bathroom? Would succulents like the humidity? I think it’s so beautiful, but I’m not 100% confident in my luck with plants. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m all ears!


4 thoughts on “Instant Bathroom Update”

  1. So much better! I agree about painting. I want to paint “my” house that isn’t “my” house so bad! Maybe go to IKEA and get 6 wave mirror panels to replace the big one. I did that it a former house and it made a huge difference!

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  2. Tif this is going to sound tacky but they do make artificial succulents that look real. We have some on top or the toilet in the downstairs bathroom in cement pots and they look beautiful. You will have free rain with your creativity and no dirt no watering. Love the idea you have with the succulents. Bathroom looks good. Love the lights you are making.

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