Bring on the Summer!

Today is a big day! It’s the last day of first grade for Lincoln, and the end of another year of preschool for Juniper. We’ve been counting down the days for over a month now, and I think we’re all ready for the break in routine.


We’re looking forward to this evening, when Juniper will don a graduation cap with her classmates and celebrate “the big kids” exiting her preschool program- off to the real world of kindergarten. And this weekend Lincoln and David will attend their first big-deal scouting event: Dad & Lad overnight at Camp Thunderbird. Then, it’s all systems go with a full lineup of summer excitement. Swim lessons, dance camp, a family vacation in Chelan, and as many popsicles as we can stomach.


I’m excited to be fully present at all of it this summer, and I’m grateful for the opportunity that living in this small town provides. For the last month or so, and essentially for the first time since we made the move down here, we’ve had the luxury of enjoying our weekends together as a family. It has been such an amazing treat! We’ve fished and explored, visited and celebrated with family, and have just generally enjoyed being together in one place for longer than a couple of hours each evening. That is what brought us here to begin with, and it feels so good to be living this way!

Adventures at Schaefer Park on the Skookumchuck River

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